Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Work and Life

I decided a little while back that my goal for the next two years should be to develop a mastery of Amazon's supply chain practices. It looks like I'll start following through on that objective by transitioning to one of our core optimization teams. As dry as that may sound, I'm excited: the scientists in the group are extremely sharp, there's a huge opportunity to learn and to contribute, and it would play into my long-term career plans well.

As for life, the big news is that I recently started seeing someone, and I really care for her. Raise a glass with me, will you?

Music update

Guitar: I'm still working on Spanish Dance #5 by Granados/trans. Llobet, and I started playing through some of Brouwer's Estudios Sencillos.

Concerts: I'm seeing Sarah Chang perform with the Seattle Symphony this week. Later in the season I'll check out Andre Watts, the symphony's performance of Beethoven's Ninth, and Manuel Barrueco performing the Concierto de Aranjuez with the symphony. I may see two or three solo guitar performances as well.

Stay on the right side of the trail

Several times while I've been riding I've nearly hit someone who was in the middle of the trail or was altogether on the wrong side. Well, last week was my turn to be at fault: I strayed into the middle of the bike path where there was a blind corner and at exactly the wrong time. We were both uninjured. He needed to get his chain back on, while I knocked my front rim completely out of true. It could have been worse, of course.

So next time you ride, please pay attention, and stay to the right.